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Bereavement and Loss

“No-one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.”
- CS Lewis, A Grief Observed

Have you recently suffered a bereavement or loss?
Are you struggling to come to terms with life after a loss?

Bereavement and loss are usually associated with the loss of a loved one but other losses in life can leave us with the same feelings, for example, loss of a job, loss of status, divorce, loss of a friendship, etc.

When you suffer a bereavement or loss life can feel like it will never be ‘normal’ again, this is a typical reaction and a natural part of the grieving process. Shock, anger, numbness, sadness and helplessness are all emotions experienced after a loss and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. You may socially exclude yourself or find that you are irritable around other people, sometimes blaming others for your loss. If these emotions are left unprocessed it can lead to further mental complications or they could possibly be triggered again by some event in the future leading to depression and/or withdrawal.

A counsellor will help you come to terms with your loss by helping you through the grieving process. After a loss you can feel overwhelmed and confused by all the emotions, a counsellor can help you make sense of your world at this difficult time and help you gain clarity on how to move forwards with your life. Life will never be the same again but with professional help it can be productive and you can regain meaning and purpose.

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