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Each of our therapists provide a safe environment in which issues and concerns across a broad spectrum can be explored and understood, including: trauma, stress, anxiety, phobias, bereavement, depression, confidence, addiction, self-esteem, eating disorders and relationship difficulties.

For many people considering psychotherapy and counselling, taking the first step is usually the most difficult and can bring its own anxieties. Finding the right therapist may therefore be a challenging task and we believe that it is important that someone seeking psychotherapeutic help receives guidance in this decision.

We offer an initial assessment session in which all of these issues can be discussed. We will then make a referral from within our organisation to a psychotherapist whose therapeutic approach is compatible with the needs of the individual. We believe that the essence of therapy is to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment in which the client is able to explore his or her past experiences, current difficulties and future possibilities.

All Mind Body Practice practitioners are accredited and/or regulated by a professional body, eg; BACP (British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists); UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy); NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapists), etc.

In addition to providing therapeutic services, The Mind Body Practice also aims to bridge the gap between therapists and the medical community. We firmly believe that the mind and body are linked in a way that both can have a profound effect on each other. Traditional Western medical thinking does not always take into account the powerful relationship between the physical body and the mind, although we are pleased to acknowledge that greater attention is being paid to this area in more recent years. The Mind Body Practice aims to bring these two communities together by establishing links with local medical establishments and also by hosting events where we bring together these two groups of professionals.

In addition to offering private therapy, The Mind Body Practice also has available a reduced fee scheme.

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Marie-Anne Dwek, MBACP
Psychodynamic Counsellor

Marie-Anne Dwek

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